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Redac Pty Ltd started almost a decade ago in 2000 to help people reach their full potential. Trading under the name of From Scars to Stars Personal Development our goal was to help ordinary people like you get focused on what you want, why you want it and help you figure out how you can get it.

Since then we have undergone significant growth and change.  As we worked with people with diverse backgrounds helping them achieve their goals, it became apparent that for people to grow and succeed there needed to be balance and synchronicity in their own personal world and the corporate world. We also realised that for people to live their vision there needs to be physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

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A great program - I found Nuzi very good and easy to understand. I have learned a lot from her training session and the way she trains. She's always asking everyone to be involved in group discussions.KayKayMiddle Management, Hospitality Industry
“Thanks for making book-keeping so enjoyable and interesting. Also for pushing me gently to make decisions about my future. I needed that. You are such an inspirational person whom I will always admire and remember.”LorettaLoretta, Aspendale
“Nuzi was a fantastic trainer. She made a boring topic as pleasurable as it could possibly be. She was always positive, helpful and involved the whole group - something which many trainers don’t often do - Nuzi was the opposite.”StevenStevenSmall Business Owner, Retail

Empower Group

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