“Communicate” – to share, give information and exchange messages

Those that understand and can utilize the principles of communication will always have the advantage. Those who are baffled by its complexity may find it a burden, feel misunderstood, confused, or lack in trust.


Some of the challenges in communication are:

  • Poor listening skills
  • Not realising people have different speaking styles
  • Not having defined the purpose for the communication
  • Not having an outcome • No common ground to begin the communication 
  • Resistance
  • Wanting to be right instead of seeking resolution
  • Not realising the importance of the communication to others

Communication is a multi-tiered process. You must possess a resourceful frame of mind, have an elevated awareness level, utilize influential of language and understand of nonverbal communication. Combining these allows for insight, stability, skill and congruency. Unless you isolate yourself, there is no way to avoid this dance we engage in each day.

This workshop will take you through:

  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • How we each filter our world differently
  • Reading through the multiple levels of language
  • The boundaries in language and how to open them up
  • How words are misinterpreted
  • Listening skills
  • How to align yourself with your co-workers outcomes
  • The mindset of a great communicator
  • The attitude of success
  • Incongruent communication with one self
  • How to break the cycle of ineffective communications
  • How to deal with difficult people….. and much more