A challenging position…. A well known organisation… great remuneration…

The perfect resume… A charismatic candidate…. The correct experience…. 

Is this all you should look for when recruiting personnel for your company???
OK… so there’s the corporate culture and ethics… the company’s vision…
But is that all???

Recruitment decisions are almost always made on APTITUDE — can the candidate DO the job. And surprise surprise – most recruitment problems are down to ATTITUDE — is the candidate the right person for the job. Such recruitment mistakes can be very costly to growing businesses.


The cost of recruiting is far too high as it is – imagine what it would cost if you recruit the wrong person for a particular role? If you consider actual recruitment cost, cost of below average/average performance, wasted management time etc, it is rather frightening!

So why take chances???

We can work with your managers to show them how to identify and recruit the person most suited for the role. We will show them how to use advanced questioning techniques to identify whether the candidate is suitable for the role you have – very quickly and easily

So don’t employ people solely on the basis of their CV, gut feeling or references.
Talk to us and discover a formal  interview process which has very specific questions laid out to elicit the persons true traits and values.

This training prepares you to conduct a competency based interview which enables you to hire the right person on both their aptitude AND their attitude

You will learn:

  • To identify the causes of poor recruitment
  • Build rapport with the candidate
  • Effective communication skills – verbal & non verbal
  • Active listening skills
  • Effective questions to ask your candidate
If you are an organisation that prides itself in always hiring the right person for the right job then this is probably the most cost effective program you could wish for!

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