How often have you heard people say “It’s all about TEAMWORK and working together”… “If only the others in the team would….”!! How often – especially at interviews do you get asked “Are you a team-player?”  How often do you say – “I AM a TEAM PLAYER”

Teams have become a principle building block of successful organisations. In our ever changing world workplace teams are increasingly varied and complex.

Teambuilding is a process by which a group of people are encouraged and guided to learn about themselves, each other and their leader(s)and about how these components fit together to maximise team success.


In the past most organisations emphasised the interaction between managers and employees, but the real task for team-builders lies in facilitating interactions between team members – be they employees, managers or even family.

The teambuilding process can unfold in a number of ways:

  • It may be a one time isolated event – or it may be an ongoing process
  • It may involve the entire team, parts of a team or even just two people
  • It may happen when there is conflict – or when things are smooth sailing
  • It may happen at the point the team forms – or at any point during the team’s life

Our one/two/three day workshops are designed to focus on the characteristics of an effective team player and the elements of an effective team.

Managers, team leaders & team members will learn to:

  • Get better acquainted with each other, the team leadership and the team culture
  • Get to the root problem that is currently holding back team development in your organization
  • Get your people to work TOGETHER
  • Improve organisational productivity
  • Improve communication & problem solving
  • Build “leadership” skills
  • Find the barriers that prevent creativity
  • Tap into the hidden potential of your people
  • Achieve goal congruence
  • Improve job security
  • Form new teams or revitalise existing teams

A critical element of this program is the use of popular instruments such as Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI®), FIRO B® and other cutting edge tools and techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that will help you identify your primary team player style, help you increase your personal effectiveness in team situations, and help you effectively develop your group into a high performing team.

You will leave the workshop with plans for your personal development as a team player and ideas for developing your team.

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