Have you ever met someone who has instantly captivated you? Whatever the reason – their charismatic manner… Their sense of humour…  Their communication style…. Their confidence… Tact…. Ability…

The word “leadership” seems to conjure up images of politicians and generals – people who rise to the occasion in a crisis….Never does it seem to bring up the image of the manager in the corner store…. But what really is “leadership”?


It is so easy to recognise when you see it – but so difficult to actually describe…
It has many definitions and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines it amongst other things as:

  • “The ability to affect human behaviour so as to accomplish a mission.”
  • “Influencing a group of people to move towards its goal setting or goal achievement.

Successful companies don’t just have great employees. They have great managers & supervisors too – managers & supervisors who know how to motivate employees to perform at their peak to get things done … People who know how to get employee commitment – managers who can lead & guide workers though the winds of change.

In this workshop you will gain an insight into the principles of leadership and the qualities of the 4 leadership styles. You will explore the basics of planning, organising and executing to achieve maximum impact. You will develop powerful communication and mentoring skills – a leader who inspires and motivates teams to perform to their highest capabilities.

The essential ‘must have’ management skills you will take away from this workshop are tried & proven within successful organisations the world over.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the qualities of 4 leadership styles
  • Analyse and asses your own leadership style and techniques
  • Apply the principles of leadership
  • Motivate employees to work more productively
  • Build a solid foundation for approaching the challenges of management roles
  • Walk the fine line between coach & counsellor & how to switch roles
  • Utilise attentive listening skills
  • Make decisions based on values and principles
  • Engage and empower your team
  • Lead succession planning

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