Reiki Level 1 is an introduction to Reiki and is the beginning of a period of change and growth, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Traditionally known as “Shoden”, this level of Reiki focuses on you. You learn how to give Reiki to yourself. You also learn to give Reiki to your family and friends. 

This two day course covers:

  • The history of Reiki and its lineage.
  • What Reiki is and how it works
  • The nature of illness/disorder and how we can heal
  • The Chakra system and the flow of energy
  • How to perform a Reiki treatment
  • One on One Healing

Self healing Students will receive:

  • A comprehensive manual
  • A certificate of completion
  • Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Reiki 1 sets the stage for you to continue your journey and is a pre-requisite for Reiki 2.

Although Reiki Level One benefits everyone differently, here are some experiences people have shared after completing this course:

  • An increased sense of inner peace and calm.
  • Feeling relaxed and in tune with oneself
  • A deeper connection to the universe/universal energy
  • A deeper understanding of themselves as they become more aware of and connect with their inner most self and feelings.
  • A deep and lasting sense of gratitude.

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