Psychometric Instruments

Measuring physical attributes like height, weight, and strength is reasonably simple. These are observable traits that you can assess objectively. But what about those traits that are not so easy to measure?

Traits such as personality, intelligence, attitude, and beliefs are important characteristics that combine to make us unique human beings. It is therefore vital to measure and assess these traits. Whether you're hiring people, helping team members understand themselves and their relationships with others, or trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, it's useful to assess these types of less obvious, "hidden" attributes.

One way to gather this information is through the use of psychometric instruments.

Psychometric tests include personality profiles, motivation questionnaires, and ability assessments. These tests try to provide objective data for otherwise subjective measurements. For example, if you want to determine someone's attitude, you can either ask the person directly, observe the person in action, or even gather observations about the person from other people. However, all of these methods can be affected by personal bias and perspective. By using a psychometric test, you make a more objective and impartial judgment.

Psychometric tests can help to make personal and career-related assessments more objective. They are very easy to administer, and they can be administered individually or to a group of people. Psychometric tests are also easily scored, so results come back quickly and reliably.

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