Public Speaking is often said to be the number one fear of most people. What people fail to understand is that this fear is easily overcome…. All it takes is a few simple techniques and strategies…..

These sessions will help you overcome nervousness, get rid of the butterflies, stop the shaky hands, and eliminate the sweaty palms. They will help you feel as comfortable presenting to a group as you are talking to a friend in the office.


Explore how to:

  • Adopt the beliefs and attitudes of master presenters
  • How to become calm, centred and confident
  • Connect with your audience, grab their attention and keep it
  • Structure presentations to fit everyone’s learning style
  • How to use metaphors/stories
  • Structure your language for optimum effect
  • Master how to eliminate performance anxiety
  • Create instant and unconscious rapport with groups and connect with your audience
  • Skilfully handle questions, objections and hecklers
  • Use and own the stage

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